How to Unbrick TP-Link WiFi Router Easily

TL-WR1043ND - ??????? ? DD-WRT *????? 1????? ????? ????? ????? ?????.????? ????? ????? ????? ?????. ????? ? ????? ?? ?? usb ?????. ????? ? usb ???? ?????. TP-Link TL-WR1043ND Reviews - TechSpot Oct 12, 2015 To Use Third Party Firmware In TP-Link Products. Some official firmware of TP-Link products can be replaced by the third party firmware such as DD-WRT. TP-Link is not obligated to provide any maintenance or support for it, and does not guarantee the performance and stability of third party firmware. Nov 08, 2012 · In this post, I will walk you through converting your TP-Link TL-WR1043ND from factory firmware to DD-WRT 3rd party firmware. DD-WRT is generally more stable than the factory firmware and contains more advanced features. This is a pretty easy firmware upgrade with one catch. If your router’s Serial Number begins with 12, then you will … To do this I selected a TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND. These are nice, little, and importantly, cheap gigabit routers that are easy to upgrade to run dd-wrt. At one point they were selling for just over $30 on Here are my notes for installing dd-wrt and setting up the VPN: INSTALLING DDWRT. Start by downloading ddwrt for the TP-LINK here. Get

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The TP-Link TL-WR1043ND isn't the beefiest, highest performance router on the block (nor will you be able to remember its name). But it is the best, cheapest 802.11n device we could find that is

Im using a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND with DD-WRT at home as only a AP (router is a pfSense) and it has the tendency to drop. Currently it is running DD-WRT v24-sp2 (03/19/12) std (SVN revision 18777) so it might be time to update it.

TL-WR1043N TL-WR1043ND Wireless N Gigabit Router The two devices of TL-WR1043N and TL-WR1043ND are sharing this User Guide. For simplicity, we will take TL-WR1043ND for example throughout this Guide, The differences between them are: ¾ TL-WR1043N Router with three fixed antennas. ¾ TL-WR1043ND Router with …