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Aug 07, 2011 Stream PC to PS3 Sep 07, 2017 PS4 Remote Play Windows PC / Mac PS4 Remote Play Windows PC / Mac Language selection. Čeština; Dansk; Deutsch; English; English (United Kingdom) Español How can I get my PS3 to play through my Dell computer or

How can I get my PS3 to play through my Dell computer or

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Not particulary versed in PC's. All I know is I get internet through another's wirless and when I plugged my PS3 in my laptop (I have a HDMI outlet on my laptop) I was unable to get connected.

How to Play PS3 Games on PC - Mar 10, 2019 How to Control My PS3 on My Laptop | Our Pastimes This feature is mostly used to play games online with people from around the world. However, you can actually use the Internet feature to connect your PS3 to your laptop. Once connected, you can play games on the PS3 console right from your computer. All it requires is a networking cable. Connect PS3 through a Laptop - PlayStation Nation - GameSpot You shouldn't be seeing the red X mark on it. 2. Your PS3 should be connected now. Test it out. You can also still access the internet using your laptop simultaneously with the PS3 using the internet.