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Not every router out there offers both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, but most devices released in the last few years do. These boxes are typically advertised as “dual band” and while the specifics of each Modems, Routers And Access Points - How Are They Different? Modems, Routers And Access Points - How Are They Different? Internet devices can at times get a little confusing. Routers, modems, access points - are they actually different? How do they work together? Do I need all of them in my network? Don't worry - we're here to clarify all of this. Router and modem won't work together - Linksys Community

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Netgear Cable Modem to Linksys Router--Help!!! - TechRepublic I just have no idea to get the modem and router to work together at all, but it was supposed to be temporary anyway because I need a static IP. Please help. Share Flag This conversation is

An access point can’t do these things. If an access point gets a DHCP-request, it will forward that request to the router. What we need to do, is to make one of the routers more like an access point. There are two ways to do this. If you have a router that is just a few years old, there is a high chance that the router has something called AP

Modems typically have ethernet ports and USB ports, too, to give you fast wired connections to your PC, game console, storage drive and other devices. No matter what type of modem you choose, Best Buy experts can help with your home Wi-Fi setup to ensure your Wi-Fi modem connection is the best it can be. If I do the whole #2 configuration (no DHCP and channel number) and reboot, I still cannot talk to it. If I continue and do router #1 configuration and hook up the routers, it seems to work. I tested this by leaving the router#2 SSID something different than router #1. Apr 16, 2020 · Long story short, routers used to work only on a 2.4 GHz frequency, which can slip through the walls of your home and work from a long distance. The problem is that it has just 11 channels, and the connection isn’t as strong. Then 5.0 GHz came along. It has 23 channels, which gives it a superfast connection. Shop at Best Buy for modem and router combos. Get your home network up and running with a modem/router combo. We’ve rated ten wireless routers that work well with all AT&T internet plans including the AT&T U-Verse 1000 Mbps plan. With AT&T as your internet provider, you have many affordable and dependable options when it comes to choosing a new Wi-Fi router.