Clear the history and cookies from Safari on your iPhone

Jul 20, 2020 How to Clear History/Browsing History on iPad for Real Step 1: To clear all your browsing history in Safari, just open the Settings on the home page and tap on Safari. Step 2: After this, scroll down and click Clear History and Website Data from there.. In addition, apart from clearing history, you can also go to Safari app and set up the Private Browsing Mode, so that no history will be saved.. Tips: A guide to clear history on iPad for a new user: How to clear the cache on an iPad to make it run faster To clear the Safari cache on your iPad, go to the Settings app's Safari section. After you clear this cache, you'll be logged out of every website you've previously visited, and will have to log How to Clear YouTube History on iPhone and iPad Even if you happen to clear your browser history, your YouTube History will remain intact and you will still be able to find a particular video that you wanted to revisit by taking a look at your YouTube Watch History. Clear YouTube History On iPhone and iPad. In case you want to, you can easily clear YouTube Watch History and YouTube Search

How to clear the cache on an iPad to make it run faster

Follow the steps to clear cache in Safari. Open Settings app on your iPad. Find Safari and tap on it. In the Safari menu, tap on Clear History and Website Data. You will receive a popup message asking you to confirm your choice. Tap on Clear. Then the Safari cache, cookies and other website data will be cleared up. 3. How to Delete Cache on On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google app . Tap the search bar View all. Find the search you want to remove, then swipe it to the left. Tap Delete. Delete all past searches. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google app . Tap the search bar View all. Tap Clear all Clear on-device history. Stop saving searches. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Jul 25, 2019 · Tips 1: Clear Apple News History in iOS 11/10/9 on iPhone and iPad. Step 1. Launch news app on your iPhone. Step 2. Tap on Saved icon from the bottom right corner. If you have browsed number of news stories, you can see an option of Clear History in red fonts just below the two sections of Saved and History → Tap on Clear History. Step 3. Tap the “Clear History and Website Data” link on the lower part of the page and tap “Clear” to confirm your choice. That malware/virus warning should now go away altogether, as should any

If you want to wipe browsing history on iPad/iPhone completely, you can use a multi-in-one iOS clean-up tool, UltFone iOS Data Manager, which can clear browser history from iPad/iPhone, like Chrome history, Safari history, wipe off junk files, cookies, caches and accelerate your iOS device. No one can recover the deleted records/files.

How do I delete browsing history on iPad? | AnswersDrive How do I clear my search history on my IPAD? Delete browsing history on iPad, using Safari. Open up Safari by clicking the Safari icon in the bottom lefthand corner of your iPad screen. Now click the bookmarks icon, found in the top of your browser window, just to … How to Delete Browsing History on iPad and iPhone - YouTube