Also, while I can ping, I can't ping, even after adding it in the interfaces file. nsloopup isn't working either, it times out. ip route . default via dev em1 dev em1 proto kernel scope link src edit 2 . spelling error, now I can ping google :D

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Sep 28, 2016

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unable to ping server - Unix hi, I setup a Solaris machine in my server room and my client cannot access it. Can anyone advise? Test that i have done:-My client pc cannot ping the server.-My solaris server cannot ping client-My solaris server can ping it's gateway-Another NT machine 1 ( in the server room can ping and telnet my solaris server.-i use another NT machine 2 in the server room, replace with How to allow ping an AWS EC2 instance (cannot ping EC2 Probably you were surprised when you tried to ping your server with the IPv4 Public IP with a command like: # Ping a domain related to your server ping # Or ping the IP ping 123.45.67. The request will always fail, although everything is working in order with your server. How to enable ping in Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 Dec 20, 2017 Why am I unable to ping another computer in the same local