Closing out the list is a recommendation to propose tough anti-camcording piracy laws. While fewer illegal recordings are sourced from Australia today, the current penalties for this activity are simply not enough to act as a proper deterrent, the group says. The last request is far from new.

Australia Senate Rejects the Concerns & Approves The New Nov 28, 2018 Foxtel could potentially block piracy websites without Aug 27, 2019 Australian Senate Give The Green Light To Anti-Piracy And

There is for sure a Anti-Piracy law war that is going on. Some countries takes it more serious than others, and Australia is now proposing to take it even further! A new Anti-Piracy law affecting Google. Australia wants to end piracy, by taking a new Anti-Piracy law into action in the country.

Article 105 seizure of a pirate ship or Aircraft. On the high seas, or in any other place outside the jurisdiction of any State, every State may seize a pirate ship or aircraft, or a ship or aircraft taken by piracy and under the control of pirates, and arrest the persons and seize the property on board.

Jul 28, 2014 · A leaked discussion paper by the Australian government suggests ISPs should crack down on illegal downloading, rather than solving underlying piracy issues.

Australia Tightens Online Piracy Laws - Forbes Nov 29, 2018 New piracy laws in Australia: Why they won’t work piracy; Why Australia’s new pirating laws are doomed to fail. the Australian government finally believes it has a winning plan for dealing with Aussie pirates. Basically, the government is Site-Blocking and Anti-Piracy Legislation in Australia