May 08, 2020 · The bottom line is that with virtual machine software, you can use Windows like an application inside Linux. Unlike regular applications, it will consume lots of RAM. But this way, you can use Windows-specific software and programs inside Linux without needing to install Windows fully. Install Windows 10 in VirtualBox on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Jan 06, 2020 · Mint can run on any of your Windows 7 PCs. All Linux Mint needs to run is an x86 processor, 1GB of RAM (albeit, you'll be happier with 2GB), 15GB of disk space, a graphics card that can handle Linux VM Images. Download VirtualBox and VMware Images. CENTOS. CentOS 8. VirtualBox Image VMware Image. CentOS 7. VirtualBox Image . VMware Image. CentOS 6 Jul 04, 2017 · It’s easier than running Windows software on Linux, as anyone can set up a virtual machine with a free Linux distribution — no need for software licenses. Virtual Machines Virtual machines allow you to run any operating system in a window on your desktop.

Apr 10, 2016 · Click VM and then Unity Mode in the VMware Player Menu. Now, you will have an Ubuntu menu right above your Windows 7 Start button! By default, the Ubuntu windows will have a border and VMware logo on them. To change this, click VM and then Settings, select the Options tab, and uncheck the “Show borders” and “Show badges” boxes.

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Jun 25, 2017 · To create a Windows virtual machine, firstly we click on "Create a New Virtual Machine." VMware will check our DVD drive for any OS installation media, or give us the option to load an ISO file. There is also the option to just create the virtual machine without choosing an operating system, but we will load a Windows 7 ISO for this guide.

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