Youku Tudou and other Chinese web video firms turn back on

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Top 10 Websites For You To Watch Movies And TV Series Online Free In China.Among the below 10 websites, every of them offers different movies and TV series from US, UK, KR and many other countries besides China. 1. Youku 2. Tudou 3. Xunlei 4. Sohu 5. Sina 6. PPTV 7. PPS.TV 8. Real 9. Iqiyi 10. 56 Dec 04, 2018 · If you like stream videos & movies on YouTube, you will love its Chinese cousin YouKu, a more resourceful site than YouTube. It has a massive library of the latest movies, TV shows, music videos, shows and other home videos available for free streaming.

Youku is a Chinese video hosting website best known for its globally renowned TV shows and full-length movies. The website allows Chinese residents to watch a plethora of TV shows and movies using their smartphone, tablets and PCs absolutely free of charge. Unfortunately, viewers residing outside China are restricted to the access of Youku content.

Oct 31, 2013 Jan 15, 2016 · With this program you will also be able to download videos from,,,, and Any sub are appreciated too thanks!! Xmlbar Video Downloader Oct 19, 2018 · It helps you access outside mainland China just the way as Chrome extension. Visit Unblock Youku for Firefox and follow the instructions above. Apart from Youku unblock proxy extensions for Chrome/Firefox/Safari, there are also other free online proxies to unblock Youku such as kproxy, Free Webproxy and more. Jul 19, 2018 · All videos on Youku are legal, and you can watch them through China's IP address, so you can watch them outside of China, and you can also watch them in Chinese VPN. Unfortunately, viewers residing outside China are restricted to the access of Youku content. This means that for you to access Youku, your IP address must show that you’re in China. If you try accessing Youku when you’re residing, or on vacation outside China, then your access to the website will be restricted.