# cat /etc/init/zzservice.conf script exec su - root -c 'echo "this is a test" > /tmp/testservice' end script start on (started network-interface or started network-manager or started networking) stop on (stopping network-interface or stopping network-manager or stopping networking) # service zzservice restart stop: Unknown instance: zzservice

The /etc/inittab File. When you boot the system or change run levels with the init or shutdown command, the init daemon starts processes by reading information from the /etc/inittab file. This file defines three important items for the init process: The system's default run level. What processes to start, monitor, and restart if they terminate Created my script in /etc/init.d/myScript (by copying and modifying an existing one) Entered the path to my C++-Programm: case "$1" in start) echo "Starting my Note that /etc/init as well as /etc/init.d still exist on current Ubuntus (15.04 here), but I guess these are just transitional files installed by packages that support all three init systems. – lxg Jun 3 '15 at 5:24 Jun 15, 2015 · It looks like a small problem, but I can not find a solution for several days now. I am trying to configure an NFS client on Ubuntu 9.10 (64bit). Feb 25, 2016 · ETC is a folder which contain all your system configuration files in it. Then why the etc name? “etc” is an English word which means etcetera i.e in layman words it is “and so on”. The naming convention of this folder is having some interesting history. The history of /etc folder in Linux/Unix In initial … Apr 25, 2016 · [root@dbsrv01 ~]# oracleasm -h Usage: oracleasm [--exec-path=] [ ] oracleasm --exec-path oracleasm -h oracleasm -V The basic oracleasm commands are: configure Configure the Oracle Linux ASMLib driver init Load and initialize the ASMLib driver exit Stop the ASMLib driver scandisks Scan the system for Oracle ASMLib disks status Display the status

The static hostname, from which the dynamic hostname is initialized during bootstrap, is stored in /etc/hostname on Debian Linux. You can edit that file directly, or use tools such as hostnamectl which use Desktop Bus, a client-server API, and a started-on-demand server program to …

/etc/init opens the message catalog fsumucat.cat in directory /usr/lib/nls/msg/C unless an NLSPATH environment variable naming a different directory is specified in the /etc/init.options file. For more information about national language support, see Customizing for your national code page in the shell .

No, /etc/init.d/skeleton is no more. Advice as of 2018 is: An example on which you can base your /etc/init.d scripts is available in the man page init-d-script(5).. systemd developer Michael Biebl and Debian maintainer of van Smoorenbug rc+init Dmitry Bogatov got together and agreed to remove /etc/init.d/skeleton.

/etc/init.d/hostd restart /etc/init.d/vpxa restart. Or also (alternative way) To reset the management network on a specific VMkernel interface, by default vmk0, run the command: esxcli network ip interface set -e false -i vmk0; esxcli network ip interface set -e true -i vmk0 Aug 08, 2011 · its /etc/init.d/smbd (you can use the "service" command also the same way) its the samba daemon you want to restart hence the abreavation smbd (smb being the protocal and d being for daemon). iirc on other debian based distros its also smbd. You may find this error during installation after having removed the agent previously. This article is for our v1 agent and will soon be Doesn't that use another location then /etc/init.d for services? K. kriz Verified User. Joined Jul 14, 2018 Messages 9. Jul 15, 2018 #5 Yes I'm using CentOS 7 .