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Apr 17, 2020 Fix video playback issues on computer browser If videos still won't play, try the following steps: Try a different browser. If videos play successfully in a different browser, check your browser configuration, including: Make sure third-party cookies are enabled. Disable ad-blocking software. Turn off private browsing or incognito mode. Disable browser plug-ins, extensions, and add-ons. Flash Player video playback issues See the following videos in an HTML5 supported browser. HTML5 video ; Non-HTML5 video; If you can see the HTML5 video properly, but can’t see the non-HTML5 video, there may be an issue with Flash Player. If you can’t see both the videos, there may be an issue with your device driver. How to fix a browser that won't play YouTube videos - Quora

Nov 14, 2019

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No video display | Flash Player - Adobe® Inc. For Windows, see Flash Player installation problems (Windows). For Mac OS, see Flash Player installation problems (Mac OS). If another player installed on your computer is set as the default player, information may not get to your Flash Player. Make Flash Player the default player and try to watch Why does samsung smart tv browser doesn't play videos Your web browsers on your PC and laptops use Flash to play video content. If you do any research online on this topic, you will find to everyone’s frustration that Google Chrome - Fix Videos that Won't play in Chrome Apr 15, 2019